Feb 2015

As part of our First Anniversary Celebration, we will be giving away two return tickets to Korea. To enter the Lucky Draw, you need to purchase either a Premium Set or 8 Color Set. Each Set entitles you to one entry form. Fill in your details and hope to be the lucky winner of our Draw! Contest runs from 1-31 January 2015 at both our outlets.

The Winner of Free Air Tickets to Korean

Mr Ti, one of TEN prize winners is enjoying his Eight Color Pork now at Palsaik Mont Kiara!

The Lucky Draw Winner

As our CEO said, celebrations are best kept small, and with people who are like family! Thank you to the bloggers and all our media friends whop came, ate and enjoyed! Here's to many more years of 8 Color Pork prosperity and happiness!

Oh yes! Nothing like a brand new vaccum cleaner to help with the fitness?

Our dear Chinese media friend from Guan ming gets lucky.

We are proudly Korean, hence the choice of brand for our Lucky Draw LED TV!