Fried Rice in a Soup Pot?!

Palsaik Korean BBQ is popular of its 8 flavors of pork belly. Some of you may wonder if the hype is all about samgyupsal (pork belly). It is true, but there’s more to Palsaik!

Palsaik Korean BBQ is more than just 8 colored pork belly, they serve soups and stew as well! And this article here is to highlight one of the best seller and chef recommended item on the menu: Seafood Soybean Soup!

Seafood Soybean Soup!

Unlike your typical seafood soup, it comes with fresh seafood and a spicy soybean broth, and with a copious amount of vegetables, clams, squid, prawns and flower crab. You can definitely taste the flavor of the seafood from every sip you take! Seafood lovers will definitely love it, and the spiciness of the soup is perfect for rainy and chilly days!

The delicious soup is definitely a go for, however, make sure you don’t finish it up all the way to the bottom! There is a little twist in Palsaik’s dining experience.

Fry it in the Pot!

Diners can round out their meal with the Palsaik’s special Fried Rice! It seems like a strange combination at the beginning, but you will fall in love with the fried rice once you have a bite!

It comes with plain steamed white rice, chopped Perilla leaves and some shredded Gim, edible seaweed sheets. The server will put the plain white rice into the soup pot and stir-fry it with the remaining Seafood soybean paste soup. The soup will soak up all the flavors of the soup, and you will be able to taste the flavors in the rice!

It is not your ordinary fried rice!

After a few moments of stir-frying, the server will flatten the rice all over the soup pot. The rice will become a little crispy like bibimbap (Korean stoned bowl rice dish), and the server will touch it up by spreading cheese all over the rice! It’s a heavenly cheesy experience!

The cheese will melt slowly on the flattened rice, filling the area with the cheese’s aromatic fragrance. It is definitely appetizing! The fried rice does not satisfy only your nose, it will give you a visual and taste satisfaction as well!

Just by scooping it with a spoon, you can have fun watching the cheese turning into elastic strings. Take a bite, and flavors will burst in your mouth! It’s THE perfect way to end the meal!

So if you’re coming over to Palsaik Korean BBQ, make sure you try the Fried Rice and experience it yourself!

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