Healthy, healthy Korean BBQ

Palsaik Korean BBQ offers a selection of tantalizing premium BBQ meats. The restaurant is named after its eponymous 8 colors, or 8 flavors, of marinated pork belly. Every flavor of pork belly is marinated with 100% natural ingredients without adding coloring or any synthetic flavor additives. Furthermore, each and every one of the flavors comes with health benefits as well! Interesting, isn’t it?

8 Flavors, 8 Health Benefits!


Ginseng stimulates the metabolism and improves the general wellness of health.


Wine consumed in moderation helps to lower the risk of heart disease and opens blood vessels for better circulation.


Pine needle sauce has the ability to boost your immune system, improves vision and respiratory health.


Garlic lowers cholesterol and high blood pressure.


Natural herbs alleviate stress and depression.


Curry is well-known for its ability to prevent Alzheimer?s disease, as well as certain cancers.

Soy Bean Paste:

Soybean paste is rich in flavonoids and it helps to circulate the body?s natural biochemistry.

Hot Pepper:

Hot peppers contain protein, healthy fats, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C and carotene.

Who says BBQ can’t be healthy? Try again!

A 100% natural marinated pork belly, with no additive coloring or synthetic flavor, Palsaik Korean BBQ is definitely a barbeque wonderland for BBQ and meat lovers!

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