How to eat Palsaik BBQ

Palsaik restaurants make ordering and eating Palsaik Samgyupsal very easy, as our menu is pre-set. Depending on the number of people eating, you can opt for either the Premium, Eight Colour set, or Three Colour set. [Sets Contain]

Every meal is designed to satisfy, with our trained tableside servers doing the grilling for you. We do this so that the pork will be served perfectly grilled for your enjoyment. Our pork is grilled beginning from the original, non-flavoured belly, graduating from the lighter to the strongest flavours.

Once the pork is grilled, the server will place it on plate from which you will be free to choose your favourite flavour. The large salad leaves are for wrapping the pork and kimchi in for a fully balanced meal.

Our server will check in frequently to adjust the heat on both the barbecue grill and seafood soup. If you need more kimchi or salad leaves, feel free to ask.

You may want to round out your meal with a helping of fried rice or cheese rice. The preparation of this is also another interesting part of the Palsaik experience, with the server using the soup pot to make your rice in. The rice will form a crusty base like bibimbap, the famous Korean stone bowl rice dish, and is flavoured by the seafood and kimchi soup. It’s certainly worth the addition!