Introduction About the Food and the Environment

Why Palsaik? [pa:sek] means ‘eight colours’. Samgyupsal [] is the Korean word for pork belly. As such Palsaik Samgyupsal means eight coloured pork belly which is the signature dish that is offered in Palsaik. This dish is something that is worth trying, the eight colours are provided by the marinades that creates the signature dish. At Palsaik, the eight flavours are ginseng, wine, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste and hot pepper. All colours are naturally derived, making the pork served at Palsaik 100% natural and free from colouring and any synthetic flavour additives. This is why Palsaik Samgyupsal is such a healthy meal.

Palsaik restaurants always put the convenience of the customers first and I say that because the ordering at Palsaik is very easy as our menu is pre-set. Depending on the number of people eating, you can opt for either the Palsaik Signature Set, Couple Set, Premium Pork Set, or Party Set.  Satisfaction is guaranteed for every meal as we have trained tableside servers to do the grilling for you, we do this so that the pork will be served perfectly grilled for your enjoyment. With our Palsaik Signature, it comes in eight flavours and we will start cooking from the lighter to the strongest flavours. When the pork is done, the server will place it on the hot plate from which you will be free to choose your favourite flavour, alongside will be the lettuce platter for wrapping the pork and kimchi in for a fully balanced meal. Feel free to ask for more kimchi or lettuce from our server.

The best way to eat the Korean BBQ is with the traditional Korean SSAM Style. Ssam means wrap in Korean. It’s when you wrap a piece of pork and wrapped in a larger lettuce to create a single delicious bite. At Palsaik Samgyupsal we provide a vegetable platter consisting of lettuce and some assorted vegetables for BBQ. There are 4 simple steps that you have to follow to get the whole traditional Ssam style. First, put a leaf or lettuce in your palm then add a piece of cooked meat to it, then add a dollop of ssamjang, maybe a clove of garlic and a piece of sliced green chili pepper. Then, wrap it into a piece of packet and pop it into your mouth, be sure to make it small enough so it will fit in one big bite!

Palsaik not only focus on the BBQ itself, but also have a great combination of soup that comes along with the set you ordered. There are 3 types of soup selection for you to choose, there are Seafood Spicy Soybean Soup, Kimchi Soup and Clear Clam Soup. With the soup, there are also 3 simple ways to consume them. Firstly, to consume it as a normal soup. Secondly, you may add Korean Ramyun Noodles or Korean Chopped Noodle (of course, you may ask our server which is the most recommended noodle for which soup as it brings out a different sensation to your taste bud). Finally, it is something special of it, that we call it a Stir-Fried Rice (with or without cheese) on the hotpot, it is excellent! The preparation is an interesting part, where this is suitable with our Seafood Spicy Soybean Soup. It is prepared when the soup is left at the minimum in the pot, then the server will then put in the prepared rice, sesame oil, sesame seed, perilla leaves, seaweed into the pot and stir fry in front of you. Cooked to the finest edge, the rice will form a crusty base with cheese topped on the top, given it an elevated flavour to your experience at Palsaik Samgyupsal so you can enjoy delicious Korean BBQ with a twist!

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