It’s All About Dining Experience

Good, authentic Korean cuisine you can find in Palsaik Korean BBQ is just the tip of the ice-berg, or in this case, just for the tip of your tongue. This unique Korean cuisine restaurant is full of surprises, and all that to ensure diners the best dining experience as possible that they can get in town!

Well-trained server at your service!

Palsaik Korean BBQ ensures their diners the best dining experience and enjoyment with a well-trained team at the full-service BBQ Korean restaurant. The servers are trained to grill the meat to perfection, enabling diners to enjoy the best grilled pork belly. Diners can simply sit back and relax, whilst the food is expertly prepared from them at their table.

Palsaik Korean BBQ provides diners the best and easiest way to enjoy Palsaik Samgyupsal. Depending on the number of people, diners can opt for the choices of the Premium, Eight Colour set, or Three Colour set.

Once the meat is grilled, the server will place them on plates from which diners can choose freely of their favorite flavor. For a balanced meal, salad leaves and Perilla leaves are prepared. Diners can wrap the meat and kimchi with large salad leaves or Perilla leaves.

Wrap it up, stuff it down!

Diners can round out their meal with a helping of cheesy friend rice. The interesting part of the Palsaik experience is that the server will use the soup pot to make the rice in, if you order the seafood soybean soup. If you opted for their clear clam soup, pair it up with the Korean-imported handcrafted ramen, and you can get the best out of your dining experience.

To put it simple, Palsaik Korean BBQ pairs up different soup with different ways of enjoying them. It’s definitely quality and dining experience guaranteed! Bon Appetit!

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