What You Can Expect When Going to Palsaik Korean BBQ

When it is your first time going to Palsaik Samgyupsal you can expect many things. At first when you walk through the doorstep you will be greeted by our workers which have good customer service qualities and they’ll welcome you with warm greetings! Then you will notice the clean and fancy environment with their own modern BBQ concept designs that is an eye opener for first timers giving off luxurious BBQ vibes when you enter Palsaik. Palsaik restaurants have 2 different seating areas as one will be indoors, and one will be outdoors depending on the customer’s preference (depending on which outlets). As their designs have a special modern fit to it, nothing beats their door at the main entrance which is an Instagram-able spot for those who need to update their feed!

From our pork bellies to seafood delights and various types of vegetables, the must try vegetable when dining in Palsaik is the Korea imported Perilla Leaves also known as Sesame leaves. The taste and texture from the food will make you feel like you have been mesmerised back in time to the traditional days of Korea. The wrap is called SSAM style which translates to ‘wrap’ in English. Another fancy experience that you will get from eating in Palsaik is that there will be 2 different cooking burners as one will be the BBQ hotplate and the other is the hotpot (soup) that is accessible to customers to use during their meal. This is why Palsaik is not like the other BBQ places out there, you can enjoy the BBQ meal with the delicious soup-based meal that just refreshes your tongue palettes.

Customers do not have to worry about getting your hand oily or dirty as we have highly trained staff that will prepare the meal for you. All of your meals will be prepared and served fresh to you, all you have to do is feast like a king and just savour the food. If you have to go somewhere after the meal do not worry as you won’t smell like BBQ as they have a close-up ventilation that will suck up all the smoke so the smell won’t stick on you as much.

Daily prepared ingredients are ready for customers even before arrival so when the customers have made their orders, the prepared sets will come out from the kitchen and it will arrive at your respective tables and that is when the cooking process begins. One of the popular items in Palsaik Korean BBQ is the unseasoned pork belly that creates and exerts the aromatic flavour of the pork, the pork belly wrapped inside the fresh lettuce, just hits perfection!

Also, feel free to try out the Palsaik Chef recommended Clear Clam soup with their Korean handmade noodles! Giving you the freshness and the strong powerful flavours from the clam to create the entire meal, this is a dish that is worth a try as well next to our Signature Palsaik (8 Colour) pork belly meat. Come on over and enjoy the 5-star rated food and services at the same time, only at Palsaik Korean BBQ.

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