Where the Clams Gather!

There’s more than just their signature 8 flavored pork belly in Palsaik Korean BBQ. You have to really explore and venture into this realm of good food! There’s more to Palsaik’s dining experience other than samgyupsal. You can find authentic Korean cuisine here as well, ranging from bibimbap to tteokbokki, and all sorts of palatable stews and soups that will satisfy your every Korean cravings!

With the variety of choices you can opt to have, well this post will be highlighting one of the most popular dish in Palsaik Korean BBQ: the Clear clam soup!

Clear clam soup?

Yes. Clear. Clam. Soup. As the name goes, it is a soup, seasoned with clams. And of course, the preparation process in Palsaik Korean BBQ is all 100% natural. With no additive flavorings are added into the soup, clams and crabs are the main ingredients. Palsaik Korean BBQ serves the main ingredients in a soup pot, along with a potful of clear broth, and scallions to give the soup an extra touch of flavors. With just a sip, you can definitely feel the clams tingling your tastebuds!

The Clam Soup Transformation!

Transform your clear clam soup with the Korea-imported, handcrafted ramen! Just drop them into the soup, and Voila! Clear clam ramen is served!

The ramen noodles is cooked until it is al dente, and cooking the ramen in the soup makes it absorbs the flavors of the soup and clams. You can expect to taste a burst of the soup’s and clams’ flavors with each bite! Seafood-y taste with clams and crabs, paired up with the chewiness of the ramen! I’d say the pot of soup is where the clams gather!

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