Why Should Palsaik Be Your Next Hang Out Spot?

Given that Palsaik designs, decoration and even seating are for a pack or a family to come over to enjoy the meal that Palsaik provides. We recommend bringing your friends or family members as Palsaik will welcome you with open arms! The pre-set meals are filling and it’s usually not to be eaten just by one person but if you can finish all of that why not? While waiting for the meat to be prepared you can strengthen the bond with your family and friends and have a great conversation while spending quality time with them. The meals are in big portions from the meat to the rice to the hotpot all of them are big portions and it will be very filling for all as no one will leave with a hungry stomach!


Samgyupsal is the number one food that Koreans look to eat when trying to eat with your family and your friends. Compared to other meat, it has more Vitamin B, protein, potassium, iron and all sorts of minerals that contributes to the elasticity of your skin known as collagen from the pork belly. At Palsaik Samgyupsal, you can enjoy original thick-cut pork belly or the signature pork belly marinated in 8 different kinds of healthy ingredients. Each kind is unique in flavour and goes incredibly well with the delicious stew that comes on the side. You are also given a variety of fresh greens. Because of its popularity in Korea, Palsaik Samgyupsal has moved into overseas market and gain a lot more popularity. There are branches in America, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and Philippines.


Palsaik is a restaurant that is big and can fit multiple tables of customers at once, from couples to families and parties as well! The environment of Palsaik is modern yet calming enough to make customers feel relaxed and enjoy their time there. We have many outlets in Malaysia so you don’t have to worry there will be one near you, we have an outlet at SkyAvenue Genting Highlands, Mid Valley Megamall, MyTown Shopping Centre, Sunway Giza Kota Damansara, Melaka Raya at Melaka, Sutera Utama JB, and Mid Valley Southkey JB! These are outlets that we have, we hope that you will visit us and let us amaze you with the amazing Korean based meal that you have never eaten before.

According to reviews by previous customers “Definitely one of the best BBQ pork. The variety of seasoning flavours for the meat and the hot soup comes really well together and it’s great value for the set meal!” by Mr Lee. “Vegetables were good. Quantity was nice and more than filling. BBQ pork was nice. The Kimchi was nice, and the soup stock was nice. Table was spacious enough” by keensengc2019 and many more positive reviews about Palsaik’s food and environment!

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