Wrapping it up with lettuce and the Korean imported Perilla leaves!

The other way of enjoying Palsaik Samgyupsal is to eat Korean BBQ in the traditional Korean ‘ssam’ ‐ style. ‘Ssam’ means ‘wrap’ in Korean, and it is when you wrap small amounts of ingredients in a larger ingredient to create a single palatable morsel. These wraps are made one by one on the spot by the diner, and to be eaten in a bite.

Authentic Korean restaurants usually prepare a basket of lettuce, and sometimes even a few types of lettuce. In Palsaik Korean BBQ, we serve a Perilla leaves other than lettuce.

Having Palsaik Samgyupsal the Ssam style!

To eat Palsaik Korean BBQ in the ssam style, place a piece of lettuce first in your palm. Add a piece of meat, and then some shredded green onion, maybe a sliver of garlic too. Wrap it up into a packet and pop it into your mouth.

Wrap it up, savor it, VOILA!

Here’s a little reminder:

Make sure it is small enough so it will fit in one shot!

Your next wrap, do it all over again. You can change it up and add more or less of whatever you want. Use a few different kinds of lettuce in one wrap, leave out the garlic, add more ssamjang, whatever you feel like.

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